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Jim Cole is a respected litigation attorney and a skilled mediator of intellectual property, commercial, and construction disputes. Mr. Cole’s experience in open court and behind the closed doors of the negotiating room enables him to guide disputing parties through many of the legal and procedural pitfalls, holdups and blockades that can prevent effective resolution of their disagreements. He has deep, direct experience in a wide range of industries.

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From Jim's Desk


"You have always done a great job in the mediations in which I have participated with you as the mediator. In this one, I was particularly grateful for your allowing my client to have a forum for him to tell you his story. The opportunity to do that and to be heard was important to him.

Alan G.B. Kim
vonBriesen & Roper, S.C.

"Jim Cole is a tireless and creative mediator with extensive litigation experience representing both plaintiffs and defendants.  He gives lawyers and their clients realistic assessments of their cases and succeeds in getting parties to reach settlement even when they come to mediation with positions that seem hopelessly far apart."

Attorney Amy Scarr
Madison, WI

"Jim brings to the table the insight from years of experience in Intellectual Property and commercial litigation, great people skills, and a true sense of fairness. He treats parties with respect and finds creative ways to resolve complex disputes. I highly recommend Jim as a mediator."

Attorney Philip J. Bradbury, Madison, WI
Melli, Walker, Pease, & Ruhly, S.C.

"I observed Jim mediate a very hard commercial case. Both sides were relcalcitrant in the extreme, and the personalities were difficult. The case did not settle, but I cannot imagine anyone making a more dedicated or skilled effort."

Attorney Brian Butler, Madison, WI
Stafford Rosenbaum, LLC

"Jim's ability to focus on mediating parties' attention on the 'big picture' towards areas of possible compromise and away from argument of 'dug-in' positions makes him effective in leading litigating parties towards conflict resolution."

Attorney Pete Jansson
Racine, WI

"I've seen Jim Cole successfully mediate a complex case where I doubted settlement could be reached. If it weren't for his abilities, settlement would have failed. He has my unqualified endorsement as a mediator."

Attorney Keith Clifford, Madison, WI
Clifford & Raihala, S.C.

"At a recent mediation, I found Mr. Cole to be very effective in bringing parties with very disparate views of the dispute together to reach an amicable resolution."

Attorney Elizabeth G. Borland, Atlanta, GA Smith, Gambrell & Russell, LLP